Production of polymeric foil doors with 3D technology
ante per cucina ante per mobili Just in time

Just in time: as you wish, when you want

Techinform is a true partner for customers; the capacity to supply doors exactly when the kitchen, bathroom etc. furniture is ready for assembly qualifies and distinguishes us.
When customers’ needs have been established Techinform’s meticulous just in time flows guarantee the timely production and supply of the doors.

kitchen furniture doors detail
ante per cucina ante per mobili antine per cucine bancale

Individual packing for a single kitchen décor or door colour

Techinform customers can choose not only door supply schedules, but also the composition of packing, which can be for a single kitchen décor or door colour, confident that their needs will be met in the best way possible.
In other words, doors as qualified products and as a partnership manufacturing service.

Our expertise is entirely at your disposal
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